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Anne Sconberg and Mark Henderson

would like to invite you to their fifth barely-annual Art Party

"A fundraiser for Arts Council Silicon Valley, the eclectic, inexplicable art party melds art displays and installations with experimental music, costumery, oversize rocking horses and backfiring go-carts, among other wacky multi-sensory intrusions."

METROACTIVE'S Best of Silicon Valley Shortlist, 2010

LOCATION: 215 East Alma is behind 205 East Alma (follow the signs!)

DRESS: You always look great.

FOOD: Grazing and Beverages. If enough people RSVPwe might get a food truck!

RSVP: Mandatory!

(Otherwise no parking, food, drink...not to mention other dire possibilities!) Click here: It's easy.Please include the names of all guests!


Low Key, Great Art, Talk to people you missed on Saturday, Have fun!

DATE AND TIME: November 2, 2011, 5pm to 8pm.

ADMISSION:$20 at the door. $10 for Students. Free if you've come before and bring a new guest.

All proceeds from entrance contributions go

to help defray the costs of the ACSV fundraiser.

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