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ArtParty2011 would never have been possible without the support of

Our incredible team of volunteers

headed up by:

Ms. Georgie Huff, H.O.E.

Head of Everything (Except Art)

Sally Souders,

Volunteer Coordinator

and (in no order):

Alexanna Alvarado

Michelle Budziak

Larain Fauver

Denise Olenak

Jay Ruland

Chad Ruland

Valerie Raps

Andrew Hedges

Ron Adan

Nathan Henning

Jim Briones

Ryan Carrington

Dave Lowe

Kate Young

Deb Pusich

Bill Souders

Carl and Marianne Salas

Trish and Blair Albertson

John Mitchell

Amy and Kathleen

Lisa Hetler Smith

Vicky Day

Nanci Williams

Catherine Baron

Gary Lopiccolo

Marilyn Host

Robin Brabb

Sabine Spring



Laurie Spector

Richard Wua

Joe Ragains

Luanne Rotticci

And lots of other people who should be on this list!

We would also would like to acknowlege

The In Kind Support of

Capital Properties

Jim Gordon Productions

Metro Newspaper

Peter Inshaw of Plotter Pros

Sherman Clay Pianos

The San Jose Downtown Association

And the generous financial support of

Laura and Mark Deem

Thank You All So Much!

We can't remember why we are did this, but we know we certainly could never have done it without you!

Anne Sconberg & Mark Henderson

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